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Macaron Love

Here we are in February, straight out of the busiest part of the year. It seems from October to January we are celebrating one thing or another, and then we arrive at a little reprieve. We can breath in peace, and breath out all that commercialism threw at us for the holidays. February seems to spring us back, haphazardly, into the holiday mode with Valentines Day. Well, guess what— I’m taking it back! I don’t by any means despise this holiday. On the contrary, I find it sweet that people want to celebrate love. We should. After all faith, hope and love, we are told, will last. But above all LOVE.

I think we all crave wanting to be acknowledged and loved. That’s so very human. It’s not a weakness, on the contrary it is our strength– to choose love. In the easy moments, in the hard moments, in sickness and health, as parents, as friends, as mentors, as lovers and leaders.

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