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Little Tid Bits

You know when you are a kid and all the things that are exciting? And then when you grow up the things you get excited about change drastically! For example, a new appliance is awesome. Or new underwear, even.

These days, the excitement is mellow and calm, and seeing the changing seasons is exciting because I see how it changes and affects our land and animals.

The most excitement we’ve seen recently has been the addition of fencing around the property. This makes having more animals possible! And lots of exciting possibilities for growing in the pastures, and rotating animals and crops around.

The cold weather has set in, the flowers have withered and the green grasses are starting to spring up all over, including in the pastures that burned in the summer.

My sweet neighbor and his friends were the ones that helped with the fencing.

Among the animals, I harvested one of our last pair of sheep. The chickens have taken a break from laying, but the ducks are still in full swing. Our quail have slowed a little, but are still giving me about a dozen eggs a week. All things that might seem very exciting on the outset, but they make me happy and feel so at peace.

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