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Tabletop Affectation

Simplicity in decorative style is typically the way I go when putting together some seasonal decor for my home. As a family we are restricted by space and the needs of my family. I have little ones that don’t do well with fragile things about, so often times the central display for a season will be a simple vignette on a countertop, kitchen table or mantel.

Let me introduce a quick and easy way to create a tabletop vignette of honor for observing feast and feria.

All you need is a

simple Terrarium, or candle lantern

vase frog, or picture holder with alligator clip

pictures, holy cards or similar

decorative flowers

Using the frog as a holder for the holy card is multipurpose in that you can arrange florals or other decorative items in it as well. Keeping your display limited to a few items not only saves you some time and energy trying to arrange items, but also lends itself to a simplicity that will illicit a draw for your mind to concentrate on what matters: contemplating the life and works of that saint placed within.

Bonus for this display is that you can easily move it if needed! Bring it to your coffee table for family prayer time, or to your dinner table as the centerpiece for your meal time. You can also add a small tea light for a little extra something-special.

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