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Gifting- For the Hostess

If you have 30 minutes and around $10, then this quick and easy hostess gift is sure to please!

Just the other day I was speaking with some friends about the one thing that every culture has in common is the practice of breaking bread together. Perhaps not actual bread, but some sort of practice of communal gathering around food and drink. It is a universal practice to come together to talk, encourage, reminisce, and even to pray around sustenance. We see that practice in our faith as well, when we come together around the altar as Jesus called us to do. This is where we can be most intimate with our communities. What a beautiful practice, and reminder that not only are we spiritual beings, but the need of physical sustenance is of utmost importance as well.

Bringing something to your hostess is not only a kind gesture, but adds to the communal feel of a meal together. When we each bring to the table something of ourselves, we bring community. We bring our gifts, our personalities, our culture. We bring a unique taste of our individuality, and in turn bring another aspect of God to the table. We are after all each individually made and have some unique gift that God has gifted to us.

This lovely little tea towel is so simple and sweet. You can tie it up with a loaf of bread, some rolls, or even a bottle of your favorite wine. And your hostess is sure to appreciate receiving something special and unique. With minimal effort and a little time you can make a simple tea towel to gift, not only for a hostess gift, but for other occasions as well.

You can find simple cotton tea towels at most large stores like Target or Walmart. The only other thing you will need is a fabric marker that can be found at a craft store like Michael’s of Hobby Lobby.

There are a wonderous amount of cute sayings that you can find on Pinterest and all around the web. I thought that the one I chose was sweet and fitting for the occasion, and it pairs nicely with a fresh loaf of bread from a local artisan bakery.

After you find a design you like, you can print it out and trace it onto your tea towel. When the ink has dried, place another towel or cloth over the ink and set it with an iron set at medium heat. Tie it with a pretty ribbon or twine and present it to your friend.

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