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Dreamy Ideas for Home & Hearth (1)

At the end of 2021 my family went through some big changes, and one of those was moving to what will be our forever home. With what I can only attribute to a blessing from the almighty I was able to purchase a 20 acre homestead in northern California. Purchased from a trust and having been neglected for many years, there is much work to be done. I can only imagine that the vision I have in my head will take the rest of my life to achieve, but I’m up for the task to not only make something beautiful for us for now, but something beautiful that I can leave to my children in the future and for future generations should they want it. My youngest daughter, having Down syndrome and not know what the future may hold, I want for her to have a secure place to call home where I can teach her to be self sufficient.

Among my long list of dreams for this land, one of the many ideas I have is to establish designated garden areas. Having read about Abbey’s in the 11th and 12th century, I discovered that they had many different gardens: specific to meditation and prayer, kitchen and food, medicinal, secluded and open space. The possibilities are nearly endless for what we can do. With a mixture of each, and firmly rooted in permaculture and and care for the soul, I’d love to make each space a place to grow not only things that will feed our bodies, but our souls as well.

I firmly believe that what the saints have told us is true. God desires for us to ask great things of Him, and to shower us with his gifts of creation. He has no shortage of abundance and supply for our needs and for the desires that whisper in our hearts. All good and holy things must spring forth from His goodness and love since he is the source of all good things…I can only imagine that those things are a desire for knowing him through creation.

Some of the things that I would like to establish aside from specific garden areas are

The Stations of the Cross that meander through the property

A Church/Chapel that is made beautiful with classic art, architecture and the finest liturgical items that we can possibly acquire

A reflecting pond

Enclosed play area for children that is both functional and as beautiful and natural as possible

Integration of as many species of plants and trees as possible

Renovation of the barn, for use with animals, but perhaps also with small spaces for rental/lease

An outdoor dining area with fire-oven/outdoor kitchen, covered patio type dining area

Convert the pool to an eco-pond for swimming and to support the natural land and permaculture work

Walking trails

Small designated niches for Saint Statues

Workshops for designated crafts- wood work, art work, seminars, regular maintenance of the property, herbal medicinal work and flower and herbal collection, etc

As time goes by, I’m sure my list will grow. I have the rest of my life to tackle all these projects and to, God-willing, hopefully see some of them come to fruition.

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