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Adding Sheep to the Fold

This week we dove into our newest adventure with bringing home two little lambs.

I’m not sure I could say that this was a dream of mine. I didn’t know it was, until I made the decision to bring them into our little homestead. And now I couldn’t be happier with the decision!

My oldest child is pretty excited about what this means for our homestead as well. The future seems bright and full of possibilities. I’m so glad, so happy, that he is happy!

What sheep have to offer in the way of bringing goods to our home and table has me excited as well. There is still yet so much to learn and look forward to.

Here is just a little of what I have in mind:

Meat to stock our freezer

The possibility of lambs and growing our flock


Wool, though this breed is known for shedding

Keeping our pastures in check as far as the length of grass


Fuzzy Friends



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