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Beauty in the Mundane

The last few months, I’ve been waking up before my alarm. A quick glance at my clock tells me that it’s about fifteen minutes until 6 am. As I rustle around for my clothes and slip on my boot over my bare feet, I hear my lambs start to call out for me. They hear me, and they get antsy for their breakfast. For them I can’t move fast enough. But I know that rushing will only make me feel grumpy, so I take my time brushing my teeth and mixing up their bottles. I take my time to be purposeful. I silently say my morning prayer as I slip some dishes into the dishwasher and start it. These mundane tasks have become my everyday routine, and there is comfort in the known.

There are many moments where, in my fallen humanity, I question what I’m doing here. But there is a reminder of the goal in each little mundane thing that I do in my day. The goal is truth, beauty, and goodness. The goal is the ultimate goal— I’m reaching for heaven, sacrificing, working out my salvation, and praying for those that are closest to me because I want the ultimate good for them as well. The ultimate purpose is acknowledging our dignity and working things out, hidden away on my property and reaching for Christ in everything. The simplicity of this lifestyle gives me less distraction and is a safe haven for my children.

I realize that some people, even those that I felt close and confident in their friendship, see this shift as “crazy”, but I take comfort in the reminder that we’re given in Scripture…that likely we will lose friends, family, and be criticized for our faith and actions in following Christ. It’s a narrow road, but I know I’m on the right track.


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