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Letters Are an Art

A letter is a special sort of gift. Rare, and to be treasured these days, not many people do the old fashioned letter writing. A few years ago, I started sending beautiful mail and small packages to people I know, and strangers as well. I’d ask friends who they thought could use a boost in moral, and I would spend specific time gathering together and curating something very precious to be opened by an unsuspecting recipient. The response I received from people were amazing and touching. Messages that the receiving of something so time-tailored brought many to tears. I saw this as a confirmation that this was something important.

Now that my 3rd child is living away from me, not only do I see this as a way to keep a tie to them, but as a way to stir some emotion and sentiment. Will he keep them? I hope. Does he treasure the packages and letters? I certainly hope so. A little bit of my heart-felt love and longing for re-uniting is in each little envelope and package.

Consider letters. Consider saying what is on your heart, or using it as a tool to uplift someone’s spirit unexpectedly. It may be what brings some feeling of being loved and longed for to their day.

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