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Work that Matters

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to do something that mattered. My aspirations were very small. I just wanted those that were closest to me, or that I thought were closest to me, to care and appreciate my efforts and my work. Whatever that work happened to be.

For whatever reason, I’m not sure that I ever really felt the feeling that I was searching for from the people that I thought would care. But I don’t say that to be mean towards those that I was seeking approval from. What I discovered, through many years of trial and error, was that those people weren’t my audience. They weren’t my people. My ideal audience was excited about what they saw me doing, encouraging, dynamic and full of thoughtful advice and suggestions.

It’s easy to take it very personal when someone that you care about doesn’t appreciate what you are doing the way that you hope they will. But what I discovered through lots of hours of reflection is that it isn’t about you. It really is about where they are in their own journey, what their preferences are, and how they see the world. There are people out there that can be excited for you. Your tribe is out there, the ones that appreciate your work and feel that it matters, too. You simply have to keep at it until you find them. I say this with much love and compassion for others who are on a journey of discovering the people that will appreciate your work.

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