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Black Sheep

Since we’ve been on the farm, we’ve had a few different types of sheep.

My first pair were Dorper. I liked the idea of not having to sheer them. They were sweet and sassy little things. Their coats were white.

My second pair were Suffolk. They were pretty, with creamy tan wool and black faces and legs. They would make good milking and/or meat sheep. I was on the fence about what I wanted to do with them, until one fell sick and died. Shortly after I decided to harvest the second and put it in the freezer. The meat is delicious.

The two sheep I have now…I’m actually not certain of the breed. My neighbor was kind enough to bring them to me after my last ones met their demise.

I was just happy to have two new sheep to take care of. One is black and white, and the other has a beautiful brownish black coat. And now I’m on the fence about just keeping them long enough to harvest for meat. Their coats are so pretty. Is there such a thing as having just an all black/brown flock? I think I’d love that.

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