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Adding to the Fold

Very excited to have recently welcomed horses to the property. My neighbor and friend, Mr Rancher (not his real name!) has brought 4 of his horses to roam about my pastures. It benefits both of us! His horses will be fed for a while, and they are clearing all the grass for us so we will have less worry about fire. Last summer we had a fire on the property that came about 100 yards from the house, and we’re hoping to avoid that in the future!

My heart is so happy having these beautiful animals to observe on a daily basis. Walking around the property, and they just add to the delight and peace that I get to experience daily. And to think, as a girl I used to dream of having my own horse knowing at the time that it was impossible. This experience is almost as good as calling them my own. God can bring to fruition the dreams of our heart, even if it is decades later. How lovely is that!

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