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Always Room for More

For a couple of months I’d been researching sheep breeds with intent to go forward acquiring animals with purpose rather than just out of a desire to have them. The desire is still there, of course, but I want our animals to serve us and add to the value of what I’m hoping to accomplish with our farm. A cow isn’t something that I feel confident handling, at least for right now, but I still want to have a source for milk. Having sheep is something that I feel I can handle with a fairly goof amount of confidence, though, and I enjoy having them around. The best breed for large quantities of milk, and also good for milk is the East Friesian. They’re a hardy breed, fairly easy-going, and I was able to find a breeder within a few hours of me.

Daisy is 7 months old and comes from a mama that had a very good milk supply. I’m excited from this next adventure to come to fruition. Right now we’re working on developing a relationship. It’s important to me that my animals understand that being handled isn’t scary/anxiety inducing. My kids and I love all our animals, and understand that some like being handled more than others. But…The bare minimum is that I’d like to be able to handle the sheep well enough to milk the mama’s and lead the wethers and ram with little trouble. She’s slowly warming up to us, and is now approaching when I come into the barn.

More on this to come soon!

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