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Mr Rancher & the Goat

My neighbor, I refer to as Mr Rancher, gifted me a goat almost a week ago now. Her former owner didn’t have time for milking anymore, so he saw that as an opportunity to gift me a milk producer, knowing that I was wanting milk.

I’ve been able to get in between a liter and 2 liters of milk a day! I will let you in on a secret– I wasn’t thrilled with the goat being, well….a goat. The scent of goat turns me off. It makes me gag. But I’m working through it! And I’m so grateful for the gift of fresh milk! So far, I’ve made ice cream. Yogurt is on my to-do list, as well. In the past I’ve also made Chevre, which turned out amazingly good. A few different add-in’s gave us some variety for crackers and cheese. Also on my list to try is a harder cheese, like Feta, or even a Mozzarella recipe that I found after some research. I never knew that you could separate Goat milk, either. The heavy creamier milk can be separated out and used as a creamer or sorts. I’m willing to try anything once!

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