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Around the Farm

My suspicion is that the farming lifestyle isn’t for everyone because the unexpected happens more than you can imagine. As a former military wife, the phrase “adapt and overcome” should definitely be the motto on farms and homesteads. Everyday brings new challenges to face. From animal incidents to machinery repairs to building repairs…there is always something to keep you busy.

Currently we’re adventuring in the replacement of our septic and leech lines. Following that, they’ll bring up our well pump for repair and replace the tank that I just put in. *Cringe* How were we to know that the pump wasn’t compatible with just any tank? You learn. Sometimes it’s a hard (expensive) lesson, but thankfully you tend to learn faster with those. (I’m laughing so I don’t cry.) It’ll all turn out ok in the end, but the getting there is the part you have to trudge through.

In the meantime…Life goes on, doesn’t it!

All the things are still going on everyday. The animals are growing and producing eggs for us. Two of my sheep have gone out with my neighbors flock of sheep (close to 300). My wether is getting fat, and my Ram is enjoying the time with the ladies from what I hear. I’m looking forward to maybe getting a few new lambs out it. This past year, I lost 7 lambs to the terrible weather, and to pneumonia. We’re hoping for better luck this season.

I have a few new blue egg laying quail. And more that should hatch in the next week or so. It’s been such a challenge trying to keep them safe from predators. Just when I think I’ve got everything locked down, they find a way to get to them. Since my quail are in a raised cage, this last time they were massacred, the predator went from underneath and pulled the quail by their legs and anything else that said predator could reach. It’s was a mess, and enough to make my eyes water. However, I’ve got that taken care of, and I think I’m ready for some new babies when they come. I’ve even considered enclosing a space within my barn to keep their cages for extra protection from predators and weather.

So many learning experiences. As my neighbor once told me, “No animals, no problems. Animals…there is always something.” I got this. One day at a time, once challenge at a time.

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