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Goat Milk & Uses

Trudy our goat had been giving us anywhere between a liter and 2.5 liters of milk a day. This turns out to be a lot of milk! So naturally I’ve had to come up with ways to use it.

My little family have never been huge milk drinkers, but we use it on cereal and in cooking. But even these uses weren’t enough to keep up with her supply. A good portion of the milk I started to freeze and keep in ziplock bags for use later. The frozen milk in cubes defrosts quickly and doesn’t take up too much room.

I’ve already made a batch of Goatmilk soap using some of it. I also made some lotion, as well. And because I’m making these items from scratch, I can pick and choose which ingredients for in them. This is a wonderful opportunity, as I have particularly sensitive skin and can add or subtract ingredients depending on my personal needs.

As far as cooking with the milk, it’s so rich and creamy that it can substitute any other milk with ease. I’ve made caramels, caramel sauce, bread, custard, soup, and a few different cheeses. One of my favorites was the caramels. They are soft and chewy just like ones you would find in a specialty shop. The options are unlimited, and I’m looking forward to discovering more ways of using our milk.

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