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Dia De Muertos Sugar Skull DIY

It is very like me to be thinking ahead about projects for holidays. I’ll have an idea in mind, but my duties to kids and home and whatever may come up pull me away from accomplishing that goal. But I’m sure going to give it a try, even if I end up being a little late to the party.

I’d like to insert here that my daughter helped me with putting her own touch on this project. <3

I was very determined to have a DIY Sugar Skull display ready for the day tomorrow for Dia de Muertos, and so I was working on it a month ago in hopes to have it ready to display in some way. Halloween snuck up on me, today though, and I’m not quite finished decorating my Sugar Skull. Thankfully, it is a quick and easy fix.

This is a super easy project, and only cost about $2. First thing, was picking up a simple plastic Skull from the Dollar Tree. If you couldn’t find a plain white one, or even plain black, you could always spray paint it to your desired solid color. Mine happens to be white. And the second thing you need is a permanent marker in the color or colors of your choice. You can also find these at the Dollar Tree!

Next, I went onto Pinterest and looked up Dia De Muertos, and Sugar Skulls. You will want to use some key words to narrow down your search if you have a certain look in mind for your project. I stuck with something simple, because of time constraints. Looking ahead, I knew I’d likely struggle to finish, so I looked for some simple patterns to copy.

Once you’ve completed your pattern decoration, you can spray it with a light coat of sealer, or leave it as is if it isn’t that important to have it be weather-proofed. If you do spray it with a clear coat, you can then use it on a wreath or in other ways outside with minimal damage. This will also help it last longer if you would like to use it in years to come.

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