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Agnus Dei Wreath

It was last Spring, if I remember correctly, that I was browsing through a Marshall’s isle of Spring decor. They had lots of different wreaths that were very pretty. I was hoping to find something that would do for our front door. It always strikes me to add a touch of faith-love to our decor. Most of the holidays revolve for us around some aspect of the Liturgical year, so I wanted something to draw that in. But I wasn’t finding something that I liked enough, or that was worth spending the money on to change.

That got my creative juices flowing. That’s usually the way my brain works. If I can’t find it, or buy it, I’ll just make it!

Much like with the Sugar skull that I was hoping to use for Halloween/All Soul’s day this year.

It struck me to make some pretty things available for others as well, and this is where this specific wreath began.

It could be for Easter or Lent season, or for anytime of the year to be honest. The Lamb of God doesn’t go out of Season.

I used some vintage items on these. The white silk flowers and the lambs were from a collection of vintage items from an estate sale. The Agnus Dei and the cross flag, I made.

The dried Yarrow is from my garden.

These would be perfect over the end of a bed, or in a small space where they won’t be over powered with their petite size.

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