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Lent Calendar 2019

Would it be strange if I told you that this is my favorite time of the year?

It’s true. I absolutely adore this season of the year. Nature is coming alive again after winter and the dark days of rain and cold. We’re entering into a more profound acknowledgement of what our faith means through liturgical practices. We’re taking up a special observation of our lives and our practices. We enter into a deeper and more profound understanding, if we’re really paying attention, to what life is really all about. (I know I’m posting this a little late, but…better late than never! It’s never too late to start something for the season, no matter what season we may be in!)

Today with my lettering students at Co-op we made this simple count-down calendar. This printable template was printed on Multi Media 90 lb paper, to be able to hold up to the moisture from water color, and the ink from the calligraphy pen. The butterfly is a moveable place holder for the days, and was simply a stamped picture backed with a magnet that will hold in place when another magnet is placed on the back of the calendar. (Get some good strong magnets!)

I love the organic look of the loose watercolors. Starting with black for Ash Wednesday, and progressing through the season, ending in a dark purple to close out this liturgical season before we once again celebrate the Resurrection with our Alleluia! My students did a great job of putting their own touches on their personal calendars. Once the paint was dried, they used their calligraphy pens to fill in the days (46 this Lenten season!).

Below you will find a link to print your own copies. I’d love to see yours if you choose to make one! Tag #celebrezlafoi on Instagram!

Can’t wait to share with you more ideas for observing this season! Stay tuned.

Happy Lent, friends!

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