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The Crocus

Can we just talk about this little flower for a minute?

It’s so little and fleeting…

Last year I planted something like 50 of these little guys. But then it was super dry and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to outside cleaning up the garden areas. So I forgot about them.

Then one day, I was running back to the house from the mailbox and nearly stepped on a flower! I hadn’t noticed it before because the leaves of the crocus are somewhat grass-like in appearance. But a bright purple flower with rich red Stigmas are hard to miss.

I can’t recall a time when I was that excited about a flower. I was doing a happy dance. (The neighbors probably wonder about me at times.)

Planting Saffron Crocus can be a fun and exciting way to bring a fresh burst of color to your garden! This beautiful plant is native to the Mediterranean region, and its striking deep purple flowers make it a standout in any landscape. Growing Saffron Crocus is relatively easy, and it can provide you with delicious saffron spice for your cooking and baking.

First, you’ll need to choose the right location for your Saffron Crocus. They prefer slightly alkaline soil that’s well-drained and sunny, so make sure to pick a spot that meets these criteria. Once you’ve planted your bulbs, you can look forward to a burst of vibrant purple blooms in the spring. These flowers typically bloom from late October to late February, depending on your climate.

Although it’s important to give your Saffron Crocus plenty of sunlight, you’ll need to keep an eye on their water needs. Make sure to keep the soil moist, but not saturated, and avoid over-fertilizing. If your Crocus is blooming too early or too late, you can try adjusting the amount of sun they’re getting.

You can also look forward to harvesting saffron spice from your Crocus. Once the flowers have bloomed and gone to seed, you can collect the stigmas, dry them, and use them to make saffron. This spice is known for its intense flavor and deep yellow color, and it can be used in dishes such as paella, risotto, and saffron buns.

All in all, planting Saffron Crocus can be a great way to bring a unique touch to your outdoor space. With its vivid purple flowers and tasty saffron spice, you’ll be sure to enjoy your Crocus for seasons to come!

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